Private: In Loving Memory of Hubert Kriegel (1946 – 2018)

It was sudden and unexpected, but it is unfortunately true. Beloved Hubert died on January 24, 2018 at the age of 71.

He was surrounded by his family and we’re told he did not suffer. It was blessedly quick. He had an aortic dissection and was gone soon after. His family and the Ural community are in shock but grateful for the life he gave us.

For the last 9 months he was living healthy, happy (off the road), and in harmony with his family including his wife, Lorraine, his daughter, Jessica, and her family including his new granddaughter, Eleanor.

Now his ride really is timeless as he sets off on his next adventure. We are so proud of the life he lived, always on his own terms and always honestly.

Hubert’s family has set up a GoFundMe to help with his medical and funeral expenses. If you would like to participate, click here:

They will be having a celebration of his life on February 17, 2018 at 2pm in Sacramento CA at House Kitchen and Bar, 555 Capitol Mall, Sacramento, CA, 95814. ( All are welcome.

They will have another celebration in France in a few months (date to be determined) which we will be announced on the website.

Ride in peace Hubert, thank you for your incredible adventurous spirit, gentle soul, and continuous inspiration to live life to the fullest.

As Hubert always said, “Don’t forget to take a risk today!”

View all of Hubert’s adventures on his website:

December 2017 Ural Demo Day And Our New Youtube Channel

Ural Portland’s last demo day of 2017 was one to be remembered. Experienced riders, Ural owners, and first time riders shared a unique experience test riding 2WD Urals through the streets, and even off-roading through mud and rain!

We celebrated the last demo day of the year by documenting the experience and uploading the first video to our new YouTube channel! As the first of many videos to come, we plan on uploading everything from test rides to more informative videos, like how to change a rear tire, check your oil, and install accessories. View our channel here and make sure to like and subscribe!


Mud never looked so artistic.

Adam Heller is one of our newest Ural converts.  This mild-mannered teacher has a real penchant for getting dirty!

I remember how polite and enthusiastic he the first day he stopped in.  He talked about his love for teaching, how much fun a Ural would be to use as a daily driver, and where he would explore.  He selected a new 2015 Asphalt Gear-Up, it had just arrived and was still in the crate.


He’s definitely the coolest teacher in Portland.

Here are some photos from Adam’s most recent adventure.  You might want to avert your eyes if mud offends you.  There isn’t much of this Ural that isn’t covered!  The rest of the story is Adam’s own words…

adam heller

These shots were up in Forest Grove State Forest, just about an hour and a half from Portland (if you go the quick way, I meander up there a bit slower and more scenic).


The ground was muddy and fun and then I hit it deep and it got really interesting.


The mud came up past the foot pegs, half way up the engine. I managed fairly well though and trudged through it beautifully.


The next day I went up to Mt. Hood, but it was too warm to find any snow to really play in. However after being in conversation with person after person for 45 minutes in a gas station parking lot (as we all know too well – editors note: it is not uncommon to have long conversations any time you get off or get on your motorcycle, gas stations are the most infamous stoppers!), I’ve been turned onto a few good spots to check out around the mountain and further east next time I ride out that way.


This weekend I’m starting out with a nice easy ride up skyline to Dutch Canyon Rd. and on to Scappoose to help a friend of mine break into a ’73 Yamaha he just started on, then I’m thinking of seeing what trouble I can find out by the Bridge of the Gods.


Do you have a story or adventure you want to share with us?  Send us an email with your words and photos.


The 2015 Ural cT Warm Up Tour

Ural-Portland-Facebook-BannerSomething new is hitting the road!  Join us Saturday November 22, 2014 to demo the new 2015 Urals.  Whether you want to see what’s new or try the motorcycle that you have always wanted, this is the day to do it!  See you then!

Please download, sign, and bring in/fax/email this form

Then RSVP via this form

National Ural Rally Day!!!

 Tomorrow, September 6, 2014, is National Ural Rally Day!  First off register at, then check out the Rally Days Rules and Scoring Summary.  We currently have 5 Urals in the shop (for an easy 100 points) and we will have pie and coffee all day (50 points!).  Of course, the more Urals that stop by the more points you can earn!
We did a little research to help you out with some easy Portland Points!

Hopefully, this helps you plan your route!  Have fun and see you tomorrow!

3 Year Warranty on all New 2014 Urals!!!

DEALERS-warranty-static-click-for-info3 Year Warranty

URAL DEMO DAY!!! Friday, May 9th, 2014 – 10am


Join us this Friday, May 9th for Ural’s Demo Day starting at 10am at Ural Portland.  We will have 6 motorcycles, including the new 2014 models, on hand to take out as well as Ural Experts to answer all of your questions.  Slots are filling up, give us a call at (503) 222-3779 or email us to schedule a time.  You will need a motorcycle endorsement to drive, but everyone is welcome to try the sidecar.  See you this Friday!

Why the 2014 Ural RULES!!!!

Ural motorcycles gained popularity and a loyal following among motorcycle enthusiasts around the world. Ural riders appreciate the bikes’ on- and off-road capabilities, ease of maintenance and certainly love the bikes’ classic appearance and feel.  Ural is known for listening closely to customer feedback, and as such Ural has implemented a large number of changes and upgrades over the years.

Ural felt that the concept of a complete factory produced sidecar motorcycle has even bigger potential than what our previous models were able to deliver. So they began working on this project two years ago. The idea was to introduce a number of more advanced technical and functional features, while still maintaining Ural’s classic look, ruggedness and unpretentious character.

2014 marks the year of revolutionary changes for Ural motorcycles. With the introduction of a number of advanced technical and functional features, they’ve made Urals better, safer and more user-friendly, while still maintaining Ural’s classic looks, ruggedness and unpretentious character.

To begin with, they’ve fitted the 749cc boxer-twin with a new stand alone fuel-injection system equipped with an ECU for each cylinder improving acceleration and fuel economy. They increased breaking power by putting disc breaks on all three wheels. By replacing the friction-type steering damper with the new hydraulic steering damper, they made it easier for the rider to maintain a straight line of travel and improved the bike’s stability and rider confidence. Some appearance improvements include new kneepads and badges on the gas tank, improved preformed hoses for fuel lines, breather and reservoirs. The new dashboard with modern indicator lamps is more aesthetically pleasing and at the same time better follows the contour of the headlight and the upper triple clamp.

The four main areas focused on were:

Engine performance
Overall fit and finish


Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 2.33.50 PMENGINE

What It Was

Prior to 2014 all models of Ural motorcycles had been manufactured with carburetors. Carburetion allowed the user to make adjustments and accommodate different riding styles when necessary. While this is considered to be an advantage by some motorcycle enthusiasts, the benefits of EFI system are undeniable. Even though Ural could have continued with carburetion for a few more years, they decided it’s time to switch to EFI if they are to grow the brand and expand our customer base.

What It Will Be

2014 Urals feature the new standalone fuel injection system. This system has been developed specifically for Ural by ElectroJet, Inc., a Michigan-based engineering company, using components by Bosch and Delphi.

It’s a closed loop throttle body injection system utilizing individual ECU’s for each of the cylinders. This system precisely manages fuel delivery and ignition timing while simultaneously allowing the cylinders to communicate with each other for better idling and balance.

The most unique feature of our system is the individual ECU’s integrated with the throttle bodies. It’s a compact and redundant system which allows the motorcycle to continue running with just one out of two ECU’s operational. Our ECU also incorporates a PDS (pressure differential sensor) for more accurate and smooth fuel delivery, eliminating the need for additional TPS (throttle position sensor). The throttle bodies were specifically designed in a way to maximize performance while minimizing modification to existing engine components.

EFI is not the only piece of the puzzle. Ural completed the package with an all new air box and an improved cam profile.

The new airbox is almost two times larger in volume. This provides less restrictive airflow and better balance. The airbox inlet has been relocated to make the system more weather resistant and easier to service.

The profile of the camshaft was revised for shorter duration to increase the low to mid- rpm torque.

What Is Does

The three main benefits of EFI are obvious: it is more user friendly, provides better fuel economy and reduces emissions.

While the deployment of EFI and redesign of other engine components increased the maximum horsepower of our 750 engine, the real story is torque.

For a motorcycle with the sidecar that weighs over 700 lbs., you need a lot of torque to overcome the moment of inertia. And we achieved just that. The engine now produces 42 ft-lbs of torque at 4300rpm compared to previous 38 ft-lbs of torque at 4600 rpm – that’s a 15% increase! What’s even more impressive is that 90% of max torque is achieved below 2300 rpms – and that puts the power where you need it.

What It Comes With

The engine now comes with redesigned front cover integrating a standard spin-on oil filter.

A new wire harness incorporates all new requirements for EFI utilizing high quality weather tight connectors.

The dashboard was redesigned to include fuel level warning and engine management indicator lamps.




What It Was

Since 2003 Ural motorcycles have utilized Brembo hydraulic disc brakes on the front wheel, and drum brakes for both the rear and sidecar wheels. The drum brakes required the rider to apply more force to the brake pedal. Also this configuration required more frequent maintenance and adjustment.

What It Will Be

Beginning in 2014 Urals will feature disc brakes on all three wheels.

The rear wheel utilizes a big bore integrated floating caliper by HB (Hayes Brakes) and a 256 mm solid NG rotor. The caliper also incorporates the mechanical parking brake feature.

The sidecar wheel is equipped with a two-piston Brembo caliper and a 245 mm NG floating rotor.

Both rear calipers are operated by their own Brembo master cylinders.

What it Does

The new system provides dramatically increased stopping power while requiring less rider effort. Having three individual braking systems provides for the highest level of redundancy and the ability to precisely tune the entire system.

What it Comes With

During the development of the rear disc brakes we completely redesigned all wheel hubs. They now utilize standard sealed bearings with additional protective dust seals.

The rear hubs no longer utilize cast-in drive splines. They are now equipped with replaceable hardened bolt-on spline flanges. The rear wheel hubs will no longer need to be replaced due to worn drive splines.

The parking brake actuation lever was redesigned and conveniently located to simplify rider operation.

The introduction of disc brakes allowed us to develop a new final drive housing, which is lighter and universal across the entire model line.

The front brake reaction link on leading link forks is now made by FRAP (Italy) and utilizes higher quality ball joints of increased strength.


What it Was

The current Urals utilize a mechanical friction type steering damper. This simple design, while adjustable, doesn’t provide consistent handling under different riding situations. Thus the motorcycle requires constant rider input.

What it Will Be

The new system incorporates an 18-position adjustable hydraulic damper. This damper specifications were carefully selected for use on our sidecar motorcycles and confirmed after extensive on- and off- road testing.

What it Does

Riding the bike, equipped with new damper, requires less rider input while feeling more “planted” and connected to the road surface. As an added benefit, the hydraulic damper reduces the amount of sidecar specific yaw (pull to the right or left when accelerating or decelerating). For newbies to sidecars, it eases the transition from two wheels to three wheels.

What it Comes With

In conjunction with the development of the steering damper we also incorporated newly designed upper and lower triple clamps (bridges). These bridges are now made from forged aluminum alloy which is both stronger and lighter. Additionally the upper clamp incorporates handlebar mounts. Fork legs are now secured with pinch bolts in place of the original factory tapered upper mount.


In addition to all the performance improvement the motorcycle has undergone substantial makeover.

The classic look of the Ural has been preserved but well refined. Some of the improvements include new kneepads and badges on the gas tank, improved preformed hoses for fuel lines, breather and reservoirs.

The new dashboard with modern indicator lamps is more aesthetically pleasing and at the same time better follows the contour of the headlight and the upper triple clamp.

The new front engine cover is slimmer and cleaner in appearance and incorporates the IMZ logo.

Some other small details also add to the overall appearance.




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