Mud never looked so artistic.

Adam Heller is one of our newest Ural converts.  This mild-mannered teacher has a real penchant for getting dirty!

I remember how polite and enthusiastic he the first day he stopped in.  He talked about his love for teaching, how much fun a Ural would be to use as a daily driver, and where he would explore.  He selected a new 2015 Asphalt Gear-Up, it had just arrived and was still in the crate.


He’s definitely the coolest teacher in Portland.

Here are some photos from Adam’s most recent adventure.  You might want to avert your eyes if mud offends you.  There isn’t much of this Ural that isn’t covered!  The rest of the story is Adam’s own words…

adam heller

These shots were up in Forest Grove State Forest, just about an hour and a half from Portland (if you go the quick way, I meander up there a bit slower and more scenic).


The ground was muddy and fun and then I hit it deep and it got really interesting.


The mud came up past the foot pegs, half way up the engine. I managed fairly well though and trudged through it beautifully.


The next day I went up to Mt. Hood, but it was too warm to find any snow to really play in. However after being in conversation with person after person for 45 minutes in a gas station parking lot (as we all know too well – editors note: it is not uncommon to have long conversations any time you get off or get on your motorcycle, gas stations are the most infamous stoppers!), I’ve been turned onto a few good spots to check out around the mountain and further east next time I ride out that way.


This weekend I’m starting out with a nice easy ride up skyline to Dutch Canyon Rd. and on to Scappoose to help a friend of mine break into a ’73 Yamaha he just started on, then I’m thinking of seeing what trouble I can find out by the Bridge of the Gods.


Do you have a story or adventure you want to share with us?  Send us an email with your words and photos.


National Ural Rally Day!!!

 Tomorrow, September 6, 2014, is National Ural Rally Day!  First off register at, then check out the Rally Days Rules and Scoring Summary.  We currently have 5 Urals in the shop (for an easy 100 points) and we will have pie and coffee all day (50 points!).  Of course, the more Urals that stop by the more points you can earn!
We did a little research to help you out with some easy Portland Points!

Hopefully, this helps you plan your route!  Have fun and see you tomorrow!

What Ural Motorcycles Like

Mud. Dirt. Sand. Snow. Water. Air.

First of all you are going to want to find some mud, throw on the 2WD and really make sure to get some stuck in places that can’t be washed off!  Urals love this and it is necessary to keep them happy.

Once you have a lovely layer of mud, you are going to want to give it a good dusting with some nice loose dirt!  Have fun in the corners, drift a little, live a little!

Don’t be scared of the sand at the bottom of that ravine, stay the course and charge through.  The ups and downs of washes are your new play ground…  Or try this at the beach!

Snow.  Who needs a snowmobile when you can have a Ural?  While everyone else is at home in the 8″ that fell, you have the perfect city sled!  Whip your motorcycle around like the Tasmanian Devil in a field and kick up a rooster tail that will make people a mille away wonder what is that?

Of course, sooner or later you are going to need to wash you Ural, try driving it through a knee-high stream or use the sidecar as a boat!  Sure you can use a hose, but it isn’t as much fun.


Finally, air.  It is nice to breathe and your Ural likes it for combusting and staying cool, but we recommend getting air and lifting the third wheel.  The following video is an excellent assemblage of the best ways to treat your Ural!

Ural Motorcycles from Rob Gregory D. on Vimeo.

The Ice Run

The Ice Run is a 1,500km race across the frozen Siberian wilderness on old school Ural motorbikes to the only town in the world sitting on the Arctic Circle. The first batch of riders have just finished the race!   The first in were brothers Andy and Adrian from ‘The Real Arctic Monkeys’, shortly after their convoy mates ‘Snow Worries’ limped in, towing ‘Sub Zero’ followed by Patrick and William from ‘Coole Runnings’ pushing their Ural with a bemused team of local journalists in pursuit.  For a finish line interview and full run down of the event, check out The Adventurists for vicarious adventuring!