Fly and ride! Picking up Gregory at the airport.

Gregory flew down from Alaska to pick up his brand new fully accessorized 2019 terracotta Ural cT. We picked him up at the Portland international airport, brought him to the shop and introduced him to his new sidecar.

Gregory contacted us last year showing interest in the Ural cT. He had ridden many motorcycles over the years, but the Ural stood out to him as the perfect bike for his lifestyle. After he retired, he wanted a bike he could load up with all his gear, take on long road trips, and not have to worry about balancing or pushing around. The Ural is also the perfect motorcycle for Alaska’s rugged terrain.

Gregory is currently cruising around Oregon visiting various aviation museums before riding back to Alaska via a scenic Canadian wilderness tour. Congratulations on your new bike, and thanks for choosing our shop!

Private: In Loving Memory of Hubert Kriegel (1946 – 2018)

It was sudden and unexpected, but it is unfortunately true. Beloved Hubert died on January 24, 2018 at the age of 71.

He was surrounded by his family and we’re told he did not suffer. It was blessedly quick. He had an aortic dissection and was gone soon after. His family and the Ural community are in shock but grateful for the life he gave us.

For the last 9 months he was living healthy, happy (off the road), and in harmony with his family including his wife, Lorraine, his daughter, Jessica, and her family including his new granddaughter, Eleanor.

Now his ride really is timeless as he sets off on his next adventure. We are so proud of the life he lived, always on his own terms and always honestly.

Hubert’s family has set up a GoFundMe to help with his medical and funeral expenses. If you would like to participate, click here:

They will be having a celebration of his life on February 17, 2018 at 2pm in Sacramento CA at House Kitchen and Bar, 555 Capitol Mall, Sacramento, CA, 95814. ( All are welcome.

They will have another celebration in France in a few months (date to be determined) which we will be announced on the website.

Ride in peace Hubert, thank you for your incredible adventurous spirit, gentle soul, and continuous inspiration to live life to the fullest.

As Hubert always said, “Don’t forget to take a risk today!”

View all of Hubert’s adventures on his website:

December 2017 Ural Demo Day And Our New Youtube Channel

Ural Portland’s last demo day of 2017 was one to be remembered. Experienced riders, Ural owners, and first time riders shared a unique experience test riding 2WD Urals through the streets, and even off-roading through mud and rain!

We celebrated the last demo day of the year by documenting the experience and uploading the first video to our new YouTube channel! As the first of many videos to come, we plan on uploading everything from test rides to more informative videos, like how to change a rear tire, check your oil, and install accessories. View our channel here and make sure to like and subscribe!


The One Motorcycle Show 2017

What started as a small unconventional motorcycle show inside an old abandoned warehouse 8 years ago, is now the most anticipated event of the year. A collection of bikes that are rare, unique, mesmerizing, and even downright weird. A three day celebration with good people, food, drinks, and motorcycles.

Ural took over The One Moto Show! Thanks to all the local Ural riders that came out and rallied with us to the show! We had a great time, and we look forward to the next chance we get to take over the roads with Ural sidecars!
Thank you to Adam for the great pictures! You can view his other Ural pictures at:

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