Sidecar Tonneau Covers and Windshield Aprons


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Due to the number of color / material options Ural offers, they’ve made an easy to read part number catalog you can see here.

A tonneau cover protects the sidecar seats and interior from the elements when not being used to carry a passenger, and also provides a large covered space for carrying cargo.  Available in black cordura, black vinyl or forest camo cordura.

The windshield apron attaches to the Ural Sidecar Windshield and directs the wind upward.

The apron is included with a new Sidecar Windshield Assembly, but they are also available as replacements in a variety of styles to match your Tonneau Cover.

Call for pricing – depends on color

Tonneau Covers

Black Cordura – $124.00

Black Vinyl – $145.00

Camo – $120.00


Windshield Apron
Black Cordura (the most popular) – $57.00

Black Vinyl – $67.00

Forest Camo – $67.00

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