Baraholka Boxes

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The “Baraholka” is affectionately known as the Flea Box!  It is a Dual Box Rear Cargo System for Ural that is made from steel and built to last.  Shown with optional piston and sickle or star.  The Baraholka Box Standard Kit (IMWA-0046) is available in Matte Black and comes with 2 boxes and all the hardware.  All other boxes must be ordered individually and require the Fender Adapter Set (IDE47) and the Baraholka Box Holder (IDE40)

IDE44 Baraholka Box Aluminum $249.99
IDE43 Baraholka Box Black $149.99
IDE41 Baraholka Box Matt Green $149.99
IDE42 Baraholka Box Matt Black $149.99
IMWA-0046 Baraholka Box Standard Kit Matt Black $549.99
IDE47 Baraholka Box Rear Fender Adapter Set Standard $41.99
IDE40 Baraholka Box Holder $66.99
IDE45 Baraholka Box Steel Handle $21.99
IDE28 Logo Piston & Sickle – Red $24.00
IDE30 Large Star – Red $19.00
IDE35 First Aid Cross – Red $16.00

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