About Us

Our little story about how we have moved from sending people on adventures down wild rivers in the 80’s, to sending customers on adventures down the road today!

Paul started out in corporate America, went to Vietnam, and came back “questioning authority.”  He started a leather shop in the mid-west and for eight years travelled, selling leather goods at concerts and motorcycle rallies (including Sturgis).  For a change of pace, he moved to California and wound up handling the finances of an adventure travel company that arranged river raft trips and treks for hundreds of people each year on all seven continents including a first descent in Russia and weekly trips to Machu Picchu in Peru.

Maggy worked for an outfitter in Peru handling these trips and many others.  We
met, got married and continued to work at the adventure travel company until they
sold and moved five years later.

We moved to Portland, Oregon, Paul working with the finances at Azumano Travel and
Maggy working as an interior designer. We decided to own our own business.  We wanted something that we could be passionate about, that is green, and that puts smiles on people’s faces as they feel the wind and sun…   Something like going
down the river, only this time it’s riding a Ural, and that is “about us”.

Paul and Maggy Henry