About Us

Andrew Callaci



In 2016, Andrew purchased a white Vespa Primavera 150 from Vespa Portland. Ever since then, he has been a huge scooter enthusiast, and heavily involved in the Portland scooter community. He runs PDXScooter’s instagram, an account dedicated to the scooter lifestyle in Portland. In 2017, the owners of Vespa Portland planned their retirement, and Andrew took it as a sign that he was destined to run the best scooter shop in the Pacific Northwest. He started running Vespa Portland in 2018, and the rest is history.

Michelle Hooton



Michelle is the co-owner of Vespa Portland and Ural Portland. She is also a skilled accountant., highly organized, and makes sure the guys at Vespa Portland can do math. (we forget sometimes)

Pedro Galvan

Head Mechanic


Pedro has been with Vespa Portland and Ural Portland for over 10 years. He is a certified mechanic with Piaggio, Vespa, Genuine, SYM, Ural, Kawasaki, and highly knowledgeable with the ins and outs of motorcycles and scooters. Your bike is in good hands with Pedro.

Jaypee Nicdao



Jaypee is an expert mechanic with many different scooters and motorcycles; if it has two-wheels, chances are he can fix it. At his home country of the Philippines, he was a mechanic in his hometown, and had worked on bikes for most of his life.

Danny Patrick



Danny bought his first scooter, a Genuine Buddy 50, in 2013 from Vespa Portland. His passion for scooters and motorcycles was so prominent that the owners of Vespa Portland asked him to work at the shop! Ever since then, he became very knowledgeable in scooters and motorcycles, and has helped make Vespa Portland what it is today. If you have questions about a bike, he has the answers.

Matt Souza

Service Manager


Matt is a long time scooter enthusiast who has been riding for 20 years. He is involved and well known in the Portland vintage scooter community. If you’re into scooters and participated in a group ride, chances are you’ve met Matt. He has a great vintage scooter collection made up of 4 classics. Matt has been Vespa Portland’s service manager since April 2018. If you need your scooter serviced, fixed, or just need help finding a part, he’s here to help.

Nathan Fouché

Marketing, Website Management, Social Media


Nathan began working for Vespa Portland and Ural Portland in 2015. He manages the websites, social media, marketing, and has a great deal of knowledge in all the brands we carry. Nathan also excels at customer service and helping people pick out the bike of their dreams. Whether you have questions about a sale on the website, or just need help finding a light bulb for your scooter, he’s there to help.

Derek Shuster



Derek had visited our shop long before he was old enough to even drive a motorcycle. He had his eyes on a Ural motorcycle, and as soon as he turned 15, he purchased a Ural as his first vehicle. Derek has become good friends with everyone at Vespa Portland and Ural Portland, and was always around to help us out when needed. He started working at the shop on Saturdays, and plans to be here in the Summer. If you have questions about a bike, or just need help finding the right gear, Derek is the man!