Fly and ride! Picking up Gregory at the airport.

Gregory flew down from Alaska to pick up his brand new fully accessorized 2019 terracotta Ural cT. We picked him up at the Portland international airport, brought him to the shop and introduced him to his new sidecar.

Gregory contacted us last year showing interest in the Ural cT. He had ridden many motorcycles over the years, but the Ural stood out to him as the perfect bike for his lifestyle. After he retired, he wanted a bike he could load up with all his gear, take on long road trips, and not have to worry about balancing or pushing around. The Ural is also the perfect motorcycle for Alaska’s rugged terrain.

Gregory is currently cruising around Oregon visiting various aviation museums before riding back to Alaska via a scenic Canadian wilderness tour. Congratulations on your new bike, and thanks for choosing our shop!