The Best In The Northwest

Welcome to Ural Portland. We are a locally owned dealership in NW Portland, Oregon. Stop in and check out our Ural Russian Motorcycles, meet our staff and see our service center.  We are the only authorized Ural dealership in Portland, Oregon and boast Portland’s only certified Ural mechanic. We are excited to introduce you to your Ural and hear about the adventures that are coming your way…

Urals are one of the most unusual motorcycles on and off the road!  Off the road? Yes!  You can select a Ural model with two-wheel drive!  Prepare to be amazed as you plough over and through terrain you never thought a motorcycle with a sidecar might venture, explore the natural beauty of Oregon, the Pacific Northwest and the rest of the world!  Are you stuck?  Do you need to parallel park in the city?  Urals come equipped with reverse!  Modern Urals are the perfect blend of classic style, ultimate utility and modern convenience.

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